Who Can Not Fool Me! Teach You To Choose A Mobile Storage Device

by ShellieBonney9317966 posted Dec 02, 2017


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sync files to usb drive[PConline skills] close to the Lunar New Year, the author around a friend encountered such a confusion: he wanted to buy a U disk at home, dedicated to live in the TV series, the father of the mother free time to watch at any time. He said he bought a 16G U disk, but the copy network TV to the U disk but found that half an hour! Asked the author in the end why, is not bought slag U disk? If the author is not personally encountered a small cross-examination, I really do not believe that there are young people do not know what USB2.0 and USB3.0. In the confused friends also want to take this opportunity to move to the general knowledge of science and storage and mdash; in the end we need what kind of mobile storage media?

Although it does not know what is USB 2.0 and 3.0 should not, but after all, not everyone like digital enthusiasts as any technology products technology can be the first time to understand (especially like every day work are out of people who negotiate), so the author First tell you that, USB 3.0 interface is blue, just let everyone understand that there is a blue logo USB port is a new era of products.

Do you know how much USB 3.0 is? The degree of importance is that you buy the USB 3.0 interface, mobile storage devices, when connected to a computer with a USB 3.0, you can get several times the speed of USB2.0. As shown below, take the flash Di OTG 64G U disk, the same file USB 2.0 interface write only 16.9MBps, but to the USB 3.0 interface, there are 49.8MBps, how the speed gap can be obvious. If you do not have the concept of time, that copy the file how long it does not matter when the author did not say anything.

USB 2.0 interface transfer speed

However, bought a USB 3.0 interface, U disk is not easy to enjoy. You have to confirm their own computer to support USB 3.0 blue interface, the two recipe can achieve considerable speed. Like the author of the friends of the master machine, but fortunately not the first generation of USB interface, or copy the network TV is estimated for several hours. Here I would also like to give you a wake up, native Windows 7 system does not support USB 3.0, you must install the driver. Windows 8 / 8.1 / 10 can be native support.

usb drive sync 3.0 interface transfer speed

May be a lot of friends will think that their usual digital products and more, a variety of interface memory card or USB port is inconsistent if you have to buy SD card, but also to buy Micro SD card, but also to buy the daily use of U disk, much more tired ah. Then I recommend a more relaxed method, that is, the combination of law. Meaning that a small package is a small way, a layer of a layer to use. For example, my ordinary digital camera using the Micro SD card, then buy a speed enough, and then with SD card sets, matched with a USB card reader, so that a volume of things can serve as three purposes, My mother no longer worry about losing the same.

But also should pay attention to that, if your SD card and Micro SD card are high-speed card, then do not let the reader into a bottleneck. The author of this card reader is the last generation of products, with several years, in fact, is a serious constraint on the speed of the SD card, but the general use of the use of the file size is not large, through the ancient card reader to copy to Computer peak is also up to 20MBps (I hope it is broken and then change). So I suggest that you buy at least the card reader to support USB 3.0.

Basically, now the general purchase of mobile storage devices (aside mobile SSD do not say), as long as the device is to support USB 3.0 basically in accordance with the trend to the trend is the better the speed of the indicators, the master from the low end to the high end. So at the time of purchase, the same capacity and the same support USB 3.0 two U disk, we will be based on their own needs to buy the price can be suitable, after all, all goods are in line with a penny of goods. Another problem is that students have the capacity of almost mobile SSD with the speed U disk why in the small and miscellaneous file transfer when there is a gap? Here I follow the popular science.

Several years ago we were still using the mechanical hard disk (HDD) because of the mechanical movement of the way the storage work, and high-speed U disk and SSD is the electronic memory, the speed of optical power than mechanical movement speed, so the speed comparison between them is heaven The other. And now, in the SSD and high-speed U disk to do between the comparison, why high-speed U disk to write a large number of small files (several KB or dozens of KB) will be much slower than SSD many times? The reason is that the size of the U disk, heat or particles and other factors cause it to write a very high delay. The SSD although slightly larger in size, but it has a solid memory to do the cache, the channel is enough particles and good, naturally it is a lot of small files written when the speed is much stronger. If it is too complicated, then we can also understand that U disk using single-core single-threaded way to do the transmission, SSD analogy is multi-core multi-threaded.

So, in fact, I would like to explain, U disk is only easy to bring you on the body, the advantages of portability is strong enough, in terms of continuous reading and writing as much as SSD, very suitable for similar dozens of GB TV series of data copy. But if you are usually more used to backup the computer within the fragmented document, portability SSD is your best choice. Both are useful and have their own advantages.

As you said to take into account the economic reasons, for the time being or use ordinary mobile hard disk is not impossible. In short, we often encounter the use of mobile storage equipment, the use of doubt and the use of recommendations I basically popular science, and if you are silly by the store JS slaughtered, then really no Yan.


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