How To Install The Win7 Original Pe Mirror System Tutorial

by JanellNeilsen73 posted Dec 02, 2017


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Now the most popular is to install GHOST WIN7 system, but some computers on the GHOST WIN7 system is not compatible, prone to various problems, such as blue screen and the like, then the best is to install the original WIN7 system, according to the most primitive way CD-ROM is installed through the CD-ROM, then no CD-ROM, no CD-ROM case, you can install through the PE system, the following we give you a detailed description of the original installation of PE WIN steps of the process.

One, ready

1.U disk one (for the production of U disk boot disk, into the PE system, if you can now enter the system, you can also install the hard disk PE system)

2. Original WIN7 system ISO image file (in advance to copy to U disk, or computer designated disk)

3.U disk production tools (can be Chinese cabbage, generic PE tools, old peach, etc.)

Second, the operating steps (following a generic U disk boot tool as an example):

1. how do you backup your computer to a flash drive U disk boot disk, open the software, follow the prompts can be

2. Set the computer from the U disk to start, plug in the U disk to start the computer, enter the selection menu interface, select [01] WINPE installation Win7. (Different computer start hotkey different, you can refer to: http: //

3. With the virtual drive to load WIN7 original installation of the image file, such as the figure of the H disk

4 in the desktop to open the 'windows installer' and click on the 'quick installer' button, as shown in Figure:

5. Open the \u0026 rdquo; button in the virtual disk just loaded in the sources folder to find install.wim file to install, as shown in Figure:

6. Select the system installation partition C drive, and play \u0026 radic; format, as shown in Figure:

7. At this time will pop up the need to format the system partition, click 'OK' button, as shown in Figure:

8. In the pop-up formatting window, change the file system format to NTFS format, and then click the 'start' button, as shown in Figure:

9. After formatting is complete, the system will automatically install, the system installation is complete, click \u0026 ldquo; is \u0026 rdquo; restart the computer, as shown in Figure:

Restart the installation steps and CD-ROM installation is the same, follow the prompts click on the next button on it, the installation process is about 20 minutes after the installation is complete, install the driver and commonly used software, and then a system backup, the next system The problem directly to restore just fine.

Article source ghost519 system station: http: //


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