IPhone16G Savior Sandisk IXpand U Disk Evaluation

by PreciousR5929976 posted Dec 02, 2017


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[IT168 evaluation] With the popularity of high-definition video and large-scale games, consumers are increasingly demanding for the high. In addition to the performance should be good enough, to be large enough, easily G several games, the film also let some 16G small capacity mobile phone storage capacity becomes stretched. In the face of this situation, generally have OTG or extended storage function Andrews mobile phone can easily solve the problem, and 16GB capacity iPhone can only continue to delete programs and photos to move out of space to use today Xiaobian bring flash Di iXpand USB is a handy tool dedicated to solving this problem. 【Click for details】

usb synchronizeEasy to use easy to use 0 easy to get started

Flash iXpand flash drive has a flash memory series has always been simple packaging, the front is clearly marked with the graphics of its 32G capacity and computer, iOS device interoperability features. And the back of the package is still a large section of the description of the introduction, MFI certification, with Apple-specific, two-year warranty, and so the characteristics are written in detail.

▲ two-year warranty, simple and clean packaging style

▲ simple and beautiful

The shape of the front is very much like an ordinary metal U disk connected to a rubber tail. Its overall shape is still very small, Lightening interface is well protected.

From the side to see the energy consumption of the rubber ass is how to work, and some natural curvature and flexibility can make flat U disk part can be directly attached to the back of the iOS device, black rubber also played the role of anti-skid pad, put On the table when the iPhone will not let a variety of unnatural way to roll.

The U disk is marked on the back of some of the U disk itself, such as Chinese-made, iXpand Flash Drive full name and device ID.

Flash iXpand flash drive is the computer when the connection is USB3.0 way, the transmission speed is still very guaranteed.

And in the mobile device insertion side of the Lightening interface can be compatible with the protective device, so when the connection is not synchronized when the phone or iPad protective cover can also be removed from the transmission.

Plug in the phone will be able to use smart is very convenient

In the flash Di iXpand plug in the iOS device (Xiaobian test using the iPhone 6), will automatically pop up a need to download the iXpand Drive APP. Download and install iXpand after you can carry out mobile phone picture video and address book and other information work.

After starting the APP, you first need to set the name of the drive and allow the APP to access the album. Then only need to follow the software prompts to backup the album can be copied from the video and photo transfer to the U disk, the entire operation is still very convenient.

▲ a key to open the backup, or very convenient

▲ can back up the things are still very rich

In addition to backing up video files, it also automatically backs up phone contacts and social software albums like Instagram. - although the latter is not very practical in mainland China.

After the completion of the backup, it can also have been carried out on the backup file to delete, the rapid release of mobile phone room space.

Backup speed is good, 8G mobile phone content is probably less than half an hour can be all the backup is completed. Compared to the basic slow as the snail's USB cable transmission to this is no doubt much faster.

If you need to re-copy the photo from the U disk to the phone, you can also use the restore command to quickly restore the data, in order to achieve the purpose of rapid transfer of data exchange.

Computer speed test USB3.0 high-speed transmission

iXpand can be used as a regular U disk after connecting to a computer. The default placement of a SanDisk SecureAccess software with the default classification folder, FAT32 format can also be interoperable with windows and MacOS computers. Xiao Bian personally suggested not to format it, it is likely to cause the phone side of the backup function failure.

▲ U disk default folder, try not to move

▲ test results very good

We through CrystalDiskMark and other professional storage sync backup software device testing software, its read and write speed for a number of tests. Flash iXpand has a read speed of 90MB / s and 45MB / s write speed, is the standard USB 3.0 USB configuration.

Small file read and write speed for a major backup file for the U disk is extremely important, Xiaobian use ATTO Disk Benchmark test, the results show that more than 16KB in a single file when it has reached the maximum write speed, high speed Transfer the photo file completely without hesitation.

to sum up

Overall, the flash Di iXpand as a small capacity iPhone iPad can release the album space of external devices, its small size, you can always connect with the computer to bidirectional backup capabilities and easy to use APP make it a very Convenient iOS capacity expansion device. 32G capacity, although it does not look big, but because of the computer through the backup, it has enough to fill two 16GB capacity of the iPhone.

▲ one can trust the two-way U disk

Can not back up APP and data slightly regret, but can always reverse the characteristics of the transmission can be assured that people will be able to rest assured that the camera has been backed up to delete the video to release more space for large games. - If your 16GB iPhone does not intend to replace or expansion, then buy a flash DiXXand may be a good choice. 【Click for details】


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