Tar Package Backup Directory When The Volume Package Compression (incremental Backup, And Automatically Split Into Multiple Files)

by GeorgiaBrookman posted Oct 27, 2017


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tar incremental auto backup data software package directory, and sub-volume package compression (automatically divided into multiple files)

tar -g /home/my_name/backup/incremenntal_list/my_website.incremenntal_list \\

? -C / var / www / html / \\

? --exclude data / cache \\

? --exclude data / tmp \\

? -cpjvf - / var / www / html / | split -b 2g

-g xxx? is the incremental log file, the implementation of the above order backup directory, there is no change in the file will not backup, so save the backup occupied hard disk; need to restore, the same to bring the parameters, followed by the file path, But also according to the order of the backup one by one unpacking

--exclude xxx is the excluded directory, ignored by tar without backing up

split -b 2g split into 2g file, split file name will be xaa, xab, xac ...

When backing up a file restore, use the following command:

cat xaa xab xac \u0026 gt; tar-xj

Note that 1) omit the above-g parameters, if the backup is used here to bring.

2) Suppose there are only three sub-volume files, if more than three, then write it. In fact, cat? `Ls x *` \u0026 gt; tar-xj can, but if the order of `ls x *` is out of chaos, it will fail to unpack.

Do not 'maintenance plan' to achieve mssql regular backup and archive archive by


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