Lenovo Mobile Phone A850 Open The USB Debugging Connection Not On The Computer How To Do

by Gaston68A1638982076 posted Oct 24, 2017


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Lenovo mobile phone A850 open the USB debugging connection is not on the computer solution:

usb stick synchronization softwareAlthough the phone's USB debugging is turned on, still not connected to the computer, because the computer is also a lack of mobile phone drivers, the solution:

1, respectively, in the mobile phone and computer download and install pea pod software, in the mobile phone ampoule version, the computer installed PC version, with the USB cable to the phone and computer connection, the computer pea pod will automatically search and install the Internet for your phone The driver in the phone pops up the USB option in the second player 'media device (MTP)' and 'allows USB debugging' how to backup pc on usb confirm the connection with the computer.

2, after the installation of pea pods, you can also choose Wifi connection, through wiFi wireless connection, no USB cable.


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