1 Control 4 Keyboard Synchronizer (no Drive)

by JeffreyPinnock54154 posted Oct 24, 2017


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No delay: This device is a USB device, unlike a low speed PS / 2 interface device.

pc backup software usb driveFree drive, free power, free master, free batch move files software.

4 computers in parallel, no master PC, no master control software, the probability of ultra-low failure.

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'Mouse synchronization' function: you can synchronize flop, trade, do the task ... improve efficiency!

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Product size: length 12.5cm × width 9cm × high 3.3cm, and Modem, the size of the router quite.

Motherboard with patch technology, materials used, the production of sophisticated, stable and reliable!

PageDown + F1 / F2 / F3 / F4, used to switch between 4 ports

PageDown + F12, 4 ports are open.

The synchronizer works independently, with the following advantages:

1, no master PC, do not compete with other processes of the main PC CPU resources, not affected by other processes!

2, can withstand high frequency click, in the case of high frequency click will not happen between the kind of host and extension between the delay or lost key phenomenon, because the synchronizer here is equivalent to the host!

These two advantages complement each other, reflecting the advantages of the independent work mode of the synchronizer!

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Uses: 4 computers share a set of keyboard and mouse, synchronized with the same operation.

This product can achieve a personal control of four computers, Dailian studio for a large number of labor costs.

Suitable for a variety of Hanbok, US service, daily service pure hand games, such as: DNF, C9, the Tower of eternity, Warcraft, ASDA, Shanghai storm, GHOST-X, miracle world, the Lord of the Rings, Adventure Island, Happy Journey to the West, the spirit of travel (fool), Rainbow Island, especially in the game copy of the use of more excellent.

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Device and computer connection method:

1, first connect the keyboard and mouse to the synchronizer.

2, then the data cable will be synchronized and computer connected.

3, such as the keyboard's digital lock indicator light can be used before.

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Hardware introduction

Products include: 1 synchronizer, 4 1.4 m USB cable (the same as the print line), the keyboard and mouse users.

· Device interface includes: 2 PS2 input port, 4 USB output port

Products through the USB data cable directly connected to the computer's USB port, no conversion, the keyboard and mouse are through a USB port effective, the real plug and play, without restarting the computer.

Through the computer's USB port directly to the device power supply, no external power supply.

· Wired connection, no external environment interference, stable and reliable performance, no delay.

· XP comes with the driver, the device does not need to install the other driver, switch function does not need to install the other driver, plug and play, no title risk!

This product warranty for six months.

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This product includes:


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