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by JDTStephaine0060830 posted Oct 09, 2017


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Often with the cloud disk (or network disk) in different computers and even mobile phone transmission synchronization of some of the files of small partners, recently began to worry about it! Since the last broadcast since the incident, the major mainstream and non - mainstream network disk began to issue a notice, notify the user will stop the service. In the past four months there are at least four issued such notice. The latest fall of the cloud there are 'Jinshan fast disk' and 'Sina micro disk', the rocket Jun once thought that such a large company is not close the network disk services, and now it seems really naive. Rockets Jun has been using the 'Jinshan fast disk' to see the news can only scare the night backup file, write off the account. In addition to Microsoft (ultra-slow) OneDrive and Apple (proprietary) iCloud, the current results of the only remaining mainstream network disk may only 'Tencent cloud', '360 cloud' and 'Baidu cloud' The The question is coming, who knows who is the next? If the market can not use the mainstream cloud disk, then we personally do not have a way it? Is it only the U disk or mobile hard disk, the most original means of data exchange it? Obviously, this is not the 'efficient rocket' style. We believe that the method is better than the problem! BitTorrent Sync debut The ultimate solution recommended by Rockets is BitTorrent Sync (BTSync), in a word, 5 minutes to build your own private disk, sync any file. BitTorrent real time sync sftp home page This program and everyone familiar with \u0026 nbsp; BT download \u0026 nbsp; have deep roots, also won the essence of P2P. The other is the essence of the deep


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