How To Copy A Computer Driver To Another Computer

by Tam75R9135090758132 posted Sep 18, 2017


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auto backup usb softwareCan be driven by 360 master operation.

Assuming that the driver computer is A, the computer that needs to automatic hidden copy backup usb drive data the driver is B.

Operation reference is as follows:

A computer to download and install the 360 ​​driver master, after the installation is completed, the software will automatically detect the A computer driver, waiting for software detection is completed;

After testing, click the inverted triangle symbol in the upper right corner - set;

Record will be downloaded and backup drive saved in the following directory, or set their own storage directory to determine;

Click on the software driver management - drive backup - start the backup;

Wait for the backup is complete, open the backup file root directory, the backup of the driver all copy and then transferred to the computer B can be.