U Disk Partition Table Repair Tool Recommended

by BerylChomley124964 posted Sep 18, 2017


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U disk hot swap hot draw, easily lead to the loss of the boot sector, resulting in partition table is destroyed. Encountered this situation you not only can not save the U disk to read, more importantly, the data may be destroyed inside, then you want to completely retrieve all the U disk data is more difficult. At this time we can only choose to repair the U disk partition table, try to save some loss. Although the U disk data can not be restored, but how much can still remedy some. Here we recommend several useful U disk partition table repair tool, compared to some unknown online repair tool, the following tools, but very strong, I believe will be able to help you.

First, the first recommended dataexplore (data recovery master), this software can not only repair the U disk partition table, but also to restore most of your U disk data, as long as the data has not been covered, the file will be able to find. The power of the software is no doubt that the operation is also very simple, the shortcomings is the need to register, of course, if you spend some registration fees can save a lot of data, or very worthwhile.

DataExplore data recovery master download address: http: //www.xitongzhijia.net/soft/34641.html

Second, the next recommendation is easy to Division I table doctors, see the software name you can know that this software is designed to solve the problem of U disk partition table. This tool can automatically check and fix your MBR, partition table and partition boot sector errors. The software can be downloaded free of charge to the registered version, and not only the U disk partition table, usb hard drive automatic backup disk or other flash disk partition table can be repaired.

Easy I partition table doctor download address: http: //www.xitongzhijia.net/soft/24194.html

Third, the final recommendation of a flash disk authoritative software DiskGenius, this software is very powerful and complete, not only the U disk partition table repair, which also contains bad sectors detection function, partition function and so on. Software because of the function too much, so the novice is not very convenient to use, but it is indeed a variety of flash disk problems when the first thought of a useful software.

DiskGenius (disk partition software) Download: http: //www.xitongzhijia.net/soft/17539.html

The above is Xiaobian today as we recommend several easy to use U disk partition table repair tool. If your U disk partition table problems, try to use the above three kinds of software. These three software can help you find some important data, patchwork Maybe your U disk data all come back maybe, I believe will be of great help to you.