Laptop Win7 System Reloading Steps

by BruceSticht7029535 posted Sep 18, 2017


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automatic backup of usb driveMany users ask the notebook win7 reinstall the system steps is what, win7 system in stability, compatibility and security are very good, so that nearly half of users now use win7 system, but no matter how good the system will appear Such as the crash, such as the crash, the crash can not boot and other issues, these problems need to reinstall the system to solve, if the system crashes, can only be reloaded through the U disk, the following system city Xiaobian share with you laptop win7 system reload tutorial The

Related Matters:

1, if the current laptop win7 system has been damaged, to use another computer to create a boot U disk

2, if running memory 2G and below 32-bit x86 system, memory 4G and above, select 64-bit x64 system

3, reinstall the system before the need to backup the C drive and desktop files, if the system is damaged, then enter the PE backup, the system crashes into the backup c drive desktop data method

4, if it is preloaded win8 / win10 models reload win7, need to change the BIOS and hard disk partition table, view: win8 how to reinstall the system win7

5, if it is pre-installed win7 system brand computer, you can restore the built-in recovery win7 system, specifically to see the instructions:

Acer notebook how to restore comes with win7 system

Lenovo Zhaoyang notebook how to restore the factory settings

Hard disk / CD reload method:

Notebook computer system online installation tutorial

Notebook CD reload system win7 tutorial

First, ready to work

1, the system image download: notebook win7 system download

2,4G and above U disk: Chinese cabbage u disk production tutorial

Second, start the settings: how to set the boot from the U disk to start

Third, the notebook win7 system reload steps are as follows

1, according to the preparation of the tutorial to create a good U disk boot disk, and then download the notebook win7 system iso file directly copied to the U disk GHO directory;

2, need to reload win7 system on the laptop to insert U disk, restart after pressing F12 or F11 or Esc and other shortcut keys to call up the boot menu, select the U disk options, such as General UDisk 5.00, do not support these start Key to view the second point of the computer to set the U disk boot method;

3, from the U disk boot into this menu, through the arrow keys to select [02] option to enter, start the pe system, can not enter the choice of [03] old PE system;

4, into the pe system, if you do not partition, directly to see the first six steps, is the need to re-zoning, need to back up all the data, and then double-click to open [DG partition tool], right-click the hard disk, select [

5, set the number of partitions and the size of the partition, the general C drive recommended 35G or more, if it is solid-state hard drive, check the 'alignment partition' to 4k alignment, click OK, the implementation of hard disk partition process;

6, after the completion of the partition, open the cabbage a key installed machine, image path selection win7 iso image, this time the tool will automatically extract the gho file, click the drop down box, select the gho file;

7, and then click on the 'restore the partition', select win7 system disk location, usually C drive, if not show C drive, according to 'label', disk size selection, click OK;

8, pop up the prompt box, check the 'restart after completion' and 'boot repair', click is to start the process of reloading win7;

9, go to this interface, the implementation of the notebook win7 system reload to the C drive operation, this process takes about 5 minutes;

10, after the completion of the operation of the laptop will automatically backup usb when plugged in restart, then pull out the U disk, reboot into the interface, continue to reload win7 system and configuration process;

11, reload process will restart many times, after starting to enter the new win7 system desktop, the laptop win7 system reload complete.

Through the above operation, we completed the notebook win7 reinstall the system process, if you need to reload the notebook computer win7 system, you can refer to the above method to operate.