How To Use The Computer Backup Backup File On The U Disk

by AngelikaBxb761952 posted Sep 18, 2017


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Use the computer automatic hidden copy & backup of usb drive data in the U disk backup file, the specific steps are as follows:

automatically backup files to usb1, the U disk into the computer.

2, open the software where the partition or partition the folder.

3, select the software, right-click, in the options menu appears to send to the U disk (removable disk) can be.

Landlord said the system comes with backup software files should be VHD (Microsoft format: virtual disk) use comes with a little trouble to see:

Ready to work:

Need to be prepared:

WAIK (Windows Self-Healing Kit) The tool needs to call the WAIK ImageX command site to load and install:

Wim2Vhd Address:

Prepare the pre-installed Windows 7 computer

Experimental steps:

Prepare Windows 7 installation CD ISO image file with UltraISO and other mounting tools to mount the virtual drive drive CD drive letter F

Use the administrator account to execute the command:

cscript wim2vhd.wsf /wim:F:\\sources\\install.wim

Because the installation of CD-ROM contains 5 with the same version of Windows 7 image file using the command to check the installation CD-ROM version of each image file name diagram shown in Windows 7 Ultimate version of its internal name ULTIMATE:

Figure 1 View the same version of the image file name

Run the command to install the CD-ROM Ultimate image file to convert the VHD file and save the D drive name Win7.vhd:

cscript wim2vhd.wsf /wim:F:\\sources\\install.wim / sku: ultimate /vhd:D:\\Win7.vhd

Wim2Vhd script since the creation of VHD file default 40GB system taskbar notification area bullet bubble prompted to load the corresponding VHD disk drive mount VHD file

Mount the VHD file Wim2Vhd file self-call WAIK ImageX command WIM file Ultimate image release mount the VHD area as shown:

Figure 2 transformation

Release the Wim2Vhd since the implementation of bcdboot so that the VHD can boot from the mount path to uninstall

Reboot the computer to select the VHD boot system since the configuration

Because the VHD loaded Windows 7 system has not loaded the physical computer drive Windows system self-test and install the device driver Windows system does not have built-in drive program prompts the user to provide the required installation media


Reference from the [Microsoft help support] for reference only