The Use Of Automatic Network Incremental Backup And Restore The Protection Of Key Data

by Shirley9861657161 posted Mar 08, 2018


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Use automatic network incremental backup and recovery

Protect critical data

Sina Archives


Product white paper

Si Rui Jia (Beijing) Information Technology Co., Ltd


1 Introduction

Key data is an important driving force for the development of enterprises and social development. How to store and restore data to the company

Long, profitability and the most powerful position in the marketplace are getting heavier.

A few years ago, storage administrator's backup and recovery tools were also very limited: tape backups were used by administrators to protect numbers

According to the main tool, because then the disk is very expensive.

Although the tape has been in the past few years in terms of throughput and capacity

Has made significant progress, but the tape is still a sequential access to the media, very inflexible. along with

The decline in disk prices and the steady rise in functionality, more and more administrators began to use the disk as a backup tool,

To get rid of the limitations of the tape drive.

Sina Archives is a hard disk-based network data backup and recovery product that supports Windows and Linux terminals and

Servers and other multi-platform, regular automatic or incremental backup, support for self-service users, according to the time point

View backup data files, remote quick recovery to the specified backup version, and provide high security and scalability.

2. Disk and tape backup comparison

2.1. Disk can be faster, more flexible, more efficient, lower cost for backup and recovery

High speed

- In most cases, data is backed up to disk, and recovery from disk is faster than tape.

- basically eliminates the limitations of the backup window.

2. Flexible

- can be more frequent backup, reduce the risk of data loss.

- can arbitrarily read a piece of backup data, greatly facilitate the management of operations.

3. efficient

- It is easier and quicker to create recovery data from disk backups.

- Tape is still difficult to operate on backup media and requires professional training.

- the disk naturally has the ability to synchronize backup, and the tape generally need to use more complex technology, and in the recovery

It is more troublesome to synchronize backup data.

Low cost

- For those companies that do not have the daily data backup needs, the initial cost of the disk backup product

The tape scheme is much lower.

- The above disk backup high-speed, flexible, and efficient, can effectively reduce the system administrator workload,

Help to reduce overall costs.


2.2. Tape technology still has the advantage

- Tape has less storage requirements than disk. Putting the tape in the box or in the library does not require current or cooling.

- Tape is more solid than disk.

Tape can be placed in the box, can withstand beating, more resistant than the disk drive

Wear and tear; and the disk will need to be carefully packed before transport.

- Tape is still cheaper than disk. The new high-capacity tape is much cheaper and cheaper than today's disk capacity.

- Tape is still the best medium for long and offsite storage.

If the advantages of the tape backup product above are significant in your business data backup operation, you still need to test

Choose a tape solution.

3. Si Rui archived product features

3.1. Multi-platform support

Real enterprise information environment, there are often multi-system platform, and now the market part of the data backup and recovery

Products can only support a single platform, compatible with multi-platform products are often large manufacturers of foreign manufacturers to tape equipment

Mainly, the price is high and the maintenance is complex.

If the data and backup recovery products can only be compatible with a platform, the enterprise does not

Do not purchase a number of products, high investment, maintenance is also troublesome.

Sina Archives supports data backup and recovery for mainstream operating system platforms such as Windows and Linux distributions

Ben, the terminal PC and the server has a very good support.

3.2. Full and incremental backups

Sina Archives supports full and incremental backups, and administrators and users can flexibly set up full backups and increments

Of the time interval, and the number of incremental backups between each full backup.

In a full backup, each file in the specified storage device or directory is written to the backup server. Such as

If there is no change in the data between the two backup points, then all the backup data is the same. Do not have a full backup

Will check since the last backup, the file has not been changed, but copy all the data.

This is also a complete backup of the weak

Point: even if all the files are not changed, or will occupy a lot of storage space; if the daily changes in the data only

10MB, but to spend 10GB of storage space to do the backup.

Unlike a full backup, incremental backups are judged first before the data is backed up, and the last modification time for a particular file is

No later than the last backup time, or whether the content has changed. If not, it means that since the last backup

Block data has not been changed, so this time do not need to backup.

In other words, if the modified date is changed last time

Date late, or content changes, then the file was changed, need to back up. Incremental backups are often associated with full backups

Combined, for example, every Sunday to do a full backup, then do incremental backups every day.

The advantage of incremental backups is the speed of backup and the storage space: it is much faster than the full backup


Because the incremental backup in the backup will automatically determine the backup point before and whether the file has been changed, so compared to the end

The full backup of its storage space is also a great benefit.

In general, the incremental backup of a tape system based on sequential accesses is that the data reduction time is

Long, the efficiency is relatively low. For example, if you need to restore the entire storage system, you have to go back to the last time

Complete backup, replace tape, restore an incremental backup, and then repeat this step until you restore to the latest version.

However, Sina archives do not have this disadvantage.

Disk-based backup products can read both full and incremental backups

In the data, automatically pick out the latest version of a particular file, and directly restored to the storage device, without the administrator

Or too much intervention by the user.

3.3. No proxy mode and proxy mode

Sina archives support agentless mode, no need to install additional agents on the terminal or live server backup software, in Windows

Platform through the SMB protocol,