What Software Can Be Set Up With The Same Computer Hard Disk Data Automatically Backup, Is Two Different Hard?

by CathleenBastow9335 posted Mar 08, 2018


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Introduce a little trick of backing up files, open Notepad, edit on Notepad

xcopy D: \\ AA \\\\ Ryu \\ BB \\ / s / d


Select the save, select the name of all the files, enter the file name and extension (bat) is ***. Bat, you easily click on the location of the preservation, so that a batch file; Command Description: The following letter and Folder can be arbitrarily selected, D disk under the AA folder is that you just save the file location, double oblique dry \\\\ on behalf of the LAN, Ryu is the computer registered name, in my computer - attributes can be found, BB Is the folder where you want to save the location of the file, BB folder to set the sharing, / s, / d is the parameter, the folder will copy all the files under the refresh, only refresh the AA folder live pc backup in the file time than the BB folder lag The entire command is: fast copy D file under the AA folder to the LAN Ryu computer BB folder refresh; use: When you save the AA file, click on the batch file ***. Bat, computer The implementation of replication refresh, BB in the name of the file still exists, only to add a new file or refresh the file.

If it is the same computer, you can change the order to

xcopy D: \\ AA E: \\ BB \\ / s / d


D disk under the AA folder to copy the file to the E folder under the BB folder (refresh); if you need to modify the command, in the batch file ***. Bat icon right - edit, modify and save.

Note: The same file in the folder as the file name in the source folder will be overwritten, so you must ensure that the file name of the different file can not be the same.