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by IsidraHendrix1902 posted Apr 12, 2018


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\u0026nbsp;\u0026nbsp;\u0026nbsp; \u0026nbsp; Imation RDX \u0026reg; Removable Disk Storage System makes data backup easier, faster, more reliable and more secure. Providing data protection for enterprise IT data centers can not only meet the future growth of company data, but also be accepted by the company in terms of price. The Imation RDX storage system is designed to protect corporate digital assets. It uses a rugged, reliable removable disk and drive that is backed up as a tape drive. But its speed makes it an alternative to DDS/DAT, VXA and DLT tapes. In fact, the Imation RDX storage system can back up 150GB of data per hour, allowing instant connection access. Tape capacities from 320GB to 1.5TB make the storage options exceptionally flexible. You will not encounter a shortage of storage space, just add more disks based on the data growth requirements in the future.


Flexibility: The Imation RDX removable disk storage system provides USB and SATA connectivity to suit the surrounding system environment.

\u0026nbsp;\u0026nbsp;\u0026nbsp;\u0026nbsp;\u0026nbsp; Easy to use: The device is recognized in the system as an icon for a mobile hard disk, allowing simple drag and drop operations.

\u0026nbsp;\u0026nbsp;\u0026nbsp;\u0026nbsp;\u0026nbsp; Quick: Instant access to data reduces backup and recovery time.

Drive Dimensions

\u0026nbsp;\u0026nbsp;\u0026nbsp;\u0026nbsp;\u0026nbsp; External USB Interface -

\u0026nbsp;\u0026nbsp;\u0026nbsp;\u0026nbsp;\u0026nbsp; 51.8mm H x 109.8mm W x 177.5mm L

\u0026nbsp;\u0026nbsp;\u0026nbsp;\u0026nbsp;\u0026nbsp; Built-in USB interface -

\u0026nbsp;\u0026nbsp;\u0026nbsp;\u0026nbsp;\u0026nbsp; 41.4mm H x 146.0mm W x 171.9mm L

\u0026nbsp;\u0026nbsp;\u0026nbsp;\u0026nbsp;\u0026nbsp; Built-in 3.5' SATA Interface -

\u0026nbsp;\u0026nbsp;\u0026nbsp;\u0026nbsp;\u0026nbsp; 41.4mm H x 101.6mm W x 159.4mm L

\u0026nbsp;\u0026nbsp;\u0026nbsp;\u0026nbsp;\u0026nbsp; Built-in 5. If you have any issues regarding the place and how to use usb able backup software, you can contact us at our own web-site. 25-inch SATA Interface -

\u0026nbsp;\u0026nbsp;\u0026nbsp;\u0026nbsp;\u0026nbsp; 41.4mm H x 146.0mm W x 171.9mm L

\u0026nbsp;\u0026nbsp;\u0026nbsp;\u0026nbsp;\u0026nbsp; 3 Year Warranty


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