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QNAP QNAP TS-659 Pro+ Network Storage NAS

Product Features:

In the highly competitive modern business, a large number of digital data, such as documents, letters, and related applications, are increasing daily in astonishing amounts. Therefore, building a stable, highly scalable and low-cost IT environment for digital data storage, sharing, and backup becomes an important task for business owners and an important factor for enterprises to gain advantages.

QNAP's TS-659 Pro+ is a new six-bay hard disk NAS. Advanced iSCSI technology can provide a manageable and lower-cost storage space solution in virtual and cluster environments; while the TS-659 Pro has a variety of applications. Services make your digital data center operations more efficient.

Equipped with a new generation of Intel Atom dual-core 1.8GHz processor and 1G DDRII memory, the TS-659 Pro+ has excellent system performance and low power consumption. It can provide various application processing and large amounts of data transmission. NAS is highly reliable and stable.

Low-cost, high-flexibility virtual environment solutions

The TS-659 Pro+ has been verified for compatibility with VMware vSphere (ESX 4.0 or later) and serves as a network shared storage server in both the VMware vSphere virtual environment and the Windows Fault Tolerant cluster server. Compared to the traditional Fibre Channel Storage Area Network, QNAP Turbo NAS provides an IP SAN environment with low overall cost and easy maintenance.

Multi-function server service, customer service lenovou@163.com, phone: 15921076328

Turbo NAS can share data and files in different operating systems, such as Windows, Mac, Linux or UNIX, and can run a variety of commonly used servers, such as file servers, FTP servers, printer servers, web servers, etc.; and various advanced Features such as WebDAV, Shared Folder Collection (DFS), Support for simultaneous use of IPv6 and IPv4, Remote Wake-up, Power Switch Scheduler Management, Hard Disk SMART, Large and Small Event Management System, and Network Auto IP Filtering... These services make your TS-659 Pro+ not only a data storage device, but also an indispensable business operation.

New iSCSI Capability Provides Virtual Environment Deployment Services

QNAP Turbo NAS is an elastic and secure storage server and provides a new iSCSI deployment service:

NAS and iSCSI solutions:

Turbo NAS series models can simultaneously serve as file sharing NAS and iSCSI storage devices.

· Flexible management of iSCSI disks:

The Turbo NAS supports an iSCSI target that can mount multiple iSCSI disks (iSCSI LUNs). iSCSI disks mounted on iSCSI targets can be removed and can optionally be mounted on different iSCSI targets.

High security IP SAN environment:

The built-in CHAP authentication mechanism and LUN masking two-layer security mechanism can effectively block unauthorized connections and provide a highly secure environment for access.

· Designed for virtual and clustered environments

Compared to the high cost of fiber optic SANs, the Turbo NAS solution—IP SAN—provides a relatively economical installation cost. The high performance and excellent performance is fully applicable to the shared data storage center of VMwrae Virtual Environment and Windows 2008 Fault Tolerant Transfer Cluster. .

Differences between QNAP NAS and other NAS in iSCSI


iSCSI Features QNAP NAS Other NAS Ready Certified iSCSI Storage Devices Meet SPC-3 Standards, Supports Clustered Deployment MC/S Provides Fault Tolerance, Load Balancing, and Better Data Transmission Performance MPIO Provides Fault-Tolerant, Load-Balancing iSCSI Disk Shadowing Provides better security iSCSI disk mounting provides more flexible iSCSI disk management by allocating storage resources on demand to provide better disk space flexibility


Extend your NAS storage capacity flexibly through virtual disks

Through the unique 'external virtual disk', administrators can more flexibly expand the NAS capacity. With the built-in iSCSI initiator function to connect other iSCSI targets on the network, it can be turned into a virtual disk on the system. The QNAP NAS can act as a stack master and connect up to 8 virtual disks/stack targets. Therefore, all NAS users only need to connect to this single entrance to use the space on other network storage devices.

Excellent system performance and environmental design

QNAP's QNAP NAS demonstrates excellent system performance and reliability in a multi-user data access environment. The noise generated by the operation of the system and the required power consumption are low, which is in line with the environmental protection requirements of current product designs.


NetBench is a professional software that measures file server read and write performance. The test data has an index value for judging the effectiveness of a NAS device or a file server in simultaneous access by multiple people.

The test results show that the TS-659 Pro exhibits excellent performance. Other brands of NAS have only half or even less than half the transmission speed of the TS-659 Pro at full speed performance, reflecting the TS-CN659 Pro's commercial use environment. The excellent performance shown is the ideal server choice.

·Testing benchmark program: ZD NetBench version 7.0.3

·Client PCs (20 Total): Intel Celeron 1.6GHz CPU, 1GB DDRII 667, Atheros AR8121 GbE Chip, Windows XP SP1

SAMBA/FTP File Access

· FTP/SAMBA Testing Environment: Intel Core2 Quad CPU Q8300 2.50GHz/ 4GB DDRII RAM, WD640AAKS 640GB, Windows 7 Enterprise 32 Bits, Intel PRO 1000 PT Dual Port Server Adapter 82571

·FTP/SAMBA Testing Method: Connect the TS-CN659 Pro and PC to switch, upload/download 5GB File without Jumbo Frame, FTP Tool: File Zilla

Wake on LAN (Wake on LAN)

The administrator can turn on the NAS in the LAN off state by remote wakeup, saving the power consumed by the system when not in use and increasing the security.


Multifunctional server (tel: 15621076328)

1?FTP server

You can use QNAP NAS to create a dedicated FTP server to share files with colleagues or customers, reducing the impact of E-mail-entrained file size restrictions.

2? encrypted remote backup

Encrypted offsite backup usb key image provides high data protection. The data in the Turbo NAS will be backed up to other remote QNAP NAS products with encryption or non-encryption. Advanced features such as data compression, data synchronization, etc. save you a lot of bandwidth and time for data backup.

3? File Server

Turbo NAS can share files on different operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux and UNIX. With WebDAV, you can use HTTP/HTTPS to remotely connect to shared folders on the NAS, increasing the convenience of using external file systems.

4?Printer server

You can connect a USB printer to the USB port on the Turbo NAS to share the functionality of a network printer over the network. Turbo NAS supports up to three USB printers.

5? Backup server

Turbo NAS supports Apple Time Machine, remote backup to Rsync server and other backup methods, or users can also use intelligent automatic backup software NetBak Replicator to perform real-time synchronized file backup mode, or back up from multiple home computers to Turbo NAS ; In addition there are other third-party backup software, etc., to provide a comprehensive data backup program. Using the QNAP Turbo NAS as a backup server allows you to save a lot of time and complicated procedures for backing up your files.

6? Web server

You can use the built-in web server function of QNAP to easily create websites and publish messages.

7? Security Monitoring Center

Turbo NAS allows you to remotely manage and connect multiple IP cameras and monitor, record and play in real time.


Supports the IPv6 protocol, allowing your NAS to operate in both IPv4 and IPv6 network environments.

Advanced Disk Array Management and Support Hot Swap Design

Turbo NAS provides RAID 0, 1, 5, 5+spare, 6, 6+spare, single and JBOD configuration, and also supports hot swap design. Once your hard disk has any failure, you can directly add a new hard disk. Replace without shutting down. (This feature only supports RAID 1 and above configurations)


Online RAID capacity expansion

You can increase the capacity of your RAID at any moment and easily transfer your old data to a larger hard drive without shutting down.



Online RAID configuration migration

Online RAID configuration migration allows users to perform RAID level migration without downtime and data retention through simple steps.



Full backup solution

QNAP's NAS provides the most comprehensive backup solution for your valuable data. It includes cloud backup, uploading data to Amazon S3 network storage space, time backup, encrypted remote backup, third-party backup software, USB single-key backup, and QNAP exclusive NetBak Replicator backup. Users can choose the most suitable way to save your data in these programs.

Dual Gigabit network ports support multiple settings

Turbo NAS supports a variety of network combinations including al- ance-rr (Round-Robin), Active Backup, Balance XOR, Broadcast, IEEE 802.3ad, Balance-tlb (Adaptive Transmit Load Balancing) and Balance-alb (Adaptive Load Balancing). ), let your company have more advantages in the network environment.


Scenario operation is fault-tolerant

Even if there is a problem with a single network, the NAS can still use another network for data transmission. Load balancing

Combine bandwidth to speed up file transfer

Data transmission is evenly distributed across different networks, providing network traffic balance.

Dual network IP settings

The TS-CN659 Pro can set up two different IPs and simultaneously service workgroups on two different subnets.


Practical system and permission control management tools

Real-time SMS and email alert notifications

By setting the SMTP and SMSC on the NAS, once the system has a problem, the server administrator can be notified in real-time using the mobile phone newsletter or e-mail.

Simple Network Management Protocol

After SNMP is enabled, you can collect system information, alerts, and error messages on the NAS and send them to at most 3 SNMP servers for real-time and centralized management of NAS messages.

Large and small incident management system

The file-level event log records online user information including samba, FTP, AFP, HTTP, HTTPS, Telnet, and SSH, as well as login to the system, allowing managers to easily manage and grasp all detailed system conditions.

Wake on LAN

Enable Wake on LAN function, you can remotely wake up NAS in LAN

S.M.A.R.T. and Advanced Hard Disk Status Scan (HHS)

Turbo NAS supports hard disk S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology), can monitor the status of the hard disk, check for potential problems, and send a warning message through the email settings to remind users to do a good job in protecting the hard disk data. In addition, NAS's HHD (Hard Health Scanning) technology can inspect and scan the condition of the hard disk to prevent potential data loss.

Supports Windows AD service authentication

Turbo NAS allows you to easily import user account data from the Windows AD server. Significantly reduce the time and effort you spend on building accounts.

Support Shared Folder Collection (DFS)

You can link to NAS on other networks by using an 'entry folder' under Microsoft Networking so that you don't have to remember a lot of server names or addresses.

AES 256-bit Disk Group Encryption Technology

For high confidentiality needs of extremely confidential data, Turbo NAS supports AES 256-bit encrypted disk group function. Users must enter the key password to open sectors to access server data. Even if the hard disk is accidentally lost, you don't need to worry about it. Confidential data was stolen.

* The data encryption function may be restricted by some national laws and cannot be used. Please contact our sales representative to obtain relevant information.

Built-in micro hard disk memory (DOM) dual embedded operating system with embedded protection

The dual operating system installed in the micro hard disk memory card allows you to avoid a situation where the power cannot be turned on due to a hard disk failure during startup. At the same time, the dual operating systems provide double security. When one of the boot operating systems is destroyed, the other system will automatically boot, leaving your NAS completely untouched.

LCD Touch-N-Go quick installation

You can use the front-panel LCD for the first complete system installation. Just a few simple steps, you can complete the hard disk formatting and RAID configuration and other functions.

Extend your Turbo NAS with QPKG software

QNAP's new QPKG platform allows users to expand the Turbo NAS application through simple download and installation and enjoy the relevant software packages developed by the global community without using complicated programs.


Hardware Spec. CPU Intel? Atom 1.8GHz (Dual-Core) DRAM1GB DDRII RAMFlash Memory512MB DOMHDD2.5/ 3.5' SATA 6 HDDHDD Tray6 x Hot-swappable and lockable trayLAN Port2 x Gigabit RJ-45 Ethernet portLED IndicatorsStatus, LAN, USB, eSATA, Power, HDD 1, HDD 2, HDD 3, HDD 4, HDD 5, HDD 6USB5 x USB 2.0 port (Front: 1; Back: 4)

Support USB printer, pen drive, USB hub, and USB UPS etc.eSATA2 x eSATA port (Back)ButtonsSystem: Power button, USB One-Touch-Backup Button, Reset buttonLCD panelMono-LCD display with backlight

Enter button, Select button for configurationAlarm BuzzerSystem warningForm FactorTowerDimensions175 (H) x 257 (W) x 235 (D) mm

6.89 (H) x 10.12 (W) x 9.25 (D) inchWeightNet weight: 5.2 kg (11.46 lbs)

Gross weight: 6.5 kg (14.33 lbs) Sound Level (dB) w/o HDD installed: 35.7 dB

Stand by: 35.2 dB

In operation: 40.8 dB

(with 6 x 500GB HDD installed)Power Consumption (W)Sleep mode: 22W

In Operation: 43W

Power-off (in WOL mode): 1W

(with 6 x 500GB HDD installed)Temperature0~40?CHumidity0~95% RHPower SupplyInput: 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz, Output: 250WSecure DesignK-lock security slot for theft preventionVGAReserved VGA interface for maintenanceFan2 x quiet cooling fan (9 Cm, 12V DC) Package Contents: TS-659 Pro+CD-ROMEthernet cable x 2Quick installation guideFlat head screw x 18

(for 2.5' HDD)Flat head screw x 24

(for 3.5' HDD)Hard disk lock x 1Power cord












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