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Extra Form
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usb hdd backupRated 5 out of 5 by Daniel from Behringer?....YES Behringer I am a professional audio engineer and have toured with top 40 artist for years. I was very concerned when a church member donated an X32 to a church that employees me on The weekends. As a professional Behringer equipment is NEVER allowed in a pro audio system. Just in this situation I had no choice since it was donated free of charge to the church. When I opened up the box and installed the mixer, I fully expected I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. So much so that I have since recommended the console to countless churches and personally installed them in usb backup windows 7 two churches. There is nothing On the market that compares to this product anywhere near this price point. Its somewhat user friendly for a feature rich digital console with so much versatility. With a couple of hours and a YouTube connection most volunteers could be up and running. The sound quality is good. Professional audio engineers love to talk about how good the Mic Pre Amps and D/A converters are in a console and this is an important aspect of any console. Behringer Touts that the pre amps are designed by Midas, one of the premier mixing console manufactures in the industry. Midas, being purchased by Behringer in the not so distant past, I suppose they bought the right to use the name. However, I don' t think these these preamps sound as good as an analog Midas console, the console also doesn't cost 50k+ either. The preamps sound good, and necessarily better than the Yamaha or Mackie analog preamps in most church and small club settings. Berhinger still has a Long way to go in the customer service department, you pretty much can 't reach Behringer employee if you do happen to need help. Yamaha is so much better in this respect, but a similar Yamaha console is 3 times as much and in my opinion Do Esn't sound as good. The iPad app, although it has improved since the initial release still has some minor issues (I hate the fact there is no PFL/monitor button on the iPad app) Bottom line, the build quality is good, If a bit plasticky. The feature set is second to non. The sound quality is great for anything under 3k....or 10k for that matter. In my professional work, using Berhinger is still not acceptable, BUT IT SHOULD BE. I Have used all the major brands, and in most cases I would prefer this console over anything Yamaha has for under 10k. It would be my choice over the PreSonus in most applications. THERE IS NOTHING ELSE LIKE IT FOR THREE TIMES THE PRICE.

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    Rated 5 out of 5 by Daniel from Behringer?....YES Behringer I am a professional audio engineer and have toured with top 40 artist for years. I was very concerned when a church member donated an X32 to a church that employees me on The weeken...
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